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Brow beaten.

Updated: Nov 26, 2018


Ok ladies, everyday I bet you see someone with this eye brow that looks like she drew it on with a sharpie. Yes I said it a “sharpie” however she has the idea but just went overboard. Brows are super important but, if they are to dark or to geomentric it can seem a little aggressive.

Let’s chat about the color...rule is darker then your ”majority” of your hair color.

Blonde hair = brown eyebrows

Brown hair = darkerbrown eyebrows

Dark brown hair = Dark brown eyebrow

Ok this is your “guideline“ for your shape. Please consider your natural shape that you have and make small adjustment with a brow pencil/shadow.

Something that can really help is a brow tint. This makes you brows seem thicker when you have grey/blonde/whiten hairs in there.

Browtints should happen every 4 weeks: done by a professional

Action Steps: Beautiful brows

1. Browtint

2. Brow wax: keep as thick as possible

3. Brow trim: not too short

4. Fill in brows with correct brow pencil

Use short featherlike strokes in the same direction as hair pattern.

Option 2: softer look use eye shadow with short bristle brush and brush in shadow in the direction that the hair grows.

5. highlighter: place a little ivory eyeshadow under brow to highlight your eye !!!!



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