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Dry Shampoo!!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Dry shampoo is a number one product for most. It really helps your hair so it doesn’t get dried out by not over shampooing. The winter months come with a good amount of static. The summer can come with humidity. So survive it with dry shampoo. This will take the humidity and absorb it!!


Types of dry shampoo : powder or aerosol

How to use dry shampoo.: Dry shampoo SHOULD be applied day one right after you style and blow your hair. Most users might assume you put it in the next morning. Well, day one you sweat and get bedhead. By applying it day one it absorbes all the sweat/scalp oil. Then the terrible kinks in the back of your head doesn’t happen!!! Who knew😘!!! Apply the dry shampoo at the root area all over. In the crown of the head seems to be the most popular spot. When applying the product part your hair to get to the scalp and then spray or sprinkle product!! Repeat the parting of the hair over and over when trying to move around the head, accompanied by the dry shampoo!!!

So go on with your bad self and add one more day to not shampooing you’re hair!!!

2 Options for Dry Shampoo: 1. Aveda dry shampoo

2. Davines Hair Refresher:

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