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Curly Hair Season

spring and summer is prime curly hair season.


This time of year makes curl hair shine!!! Read below a few things that will help get your hair up to speed to look it’s best!!

  • Shampoo: If you shampoo everyday and your hair hair seems dry....stop shampooing every day. You might look like Medusa when you wake up “I do” so use the shower time for rinsing only... or refresh with a water bottle. Some product would work but different curl patterns require different product. (Feel free to ask me with a quick email

  • Conditioner: ALWAYS... end of story. Curly hair needs to have some form of moisture. An important step is conditioner to ensure your hair has moisture.

  • Towel dry: Never ”rub” your curls hair or put it up in a towel before styling

  • Styling Product: Most curls need some kind of gel/styling cream combo. If you use mousse add an oil with it. If you use a gel it helps to use a creme with it.

  • Blow-drying: Slow and still...moving the diffuser around when trying to get your hair finished is not helpful. Get most of the moisture out and then scrunch it up to make the volume explode.


Happy Curly Hair Season! Email me or chat with me at for curl assistance

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