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Shine is the sign of youth...In your hair and Skin.

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Shine is a sign of hydration and youthfulness. Sometimes certain skin types and hair styles lack all signs of shine. This is completely treatable.

Your lack of shine doesn't always mean your hair or skin is unhealthy. Just thirsty!!!

Look in your cabinet on your shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Make sure they do not have sulfates, parabens, petra chemicals and contain some kind of moisture. "moisture" normally it should be a naturally derived. Which means not a "fake" which is synthetic.

What about your Hair Type:

Knowing what kind of hair you have is helpful...So lets chat:

Is your hair have movement to it ( like curly or wave). Is it make a crunch noise when you touch it? does it look flat in the finish? Do you find your hair lay like a "broom"? Does your hair feel like a wire?

If any of the questions above you answered "YES" to ... You lack shine. The drier your hair is the less you want to shampoo your hair. You can still get it wet in the shower but only use conditioner. Next be sure you are doing weekly conditioning treatments. This is something that can give your a boost in your shine level too!!! #shinetreatment .


Need more shine???

If you need more shine

Aveda : use brilliant spray shine

Or brilliant anti humectant

and/or dry remedy oil

Davines: Hair Assistant defining


or finishing spray!!!

Last note: Don’t forget to put some lip gloss on your lips so it all connects!!!

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