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Keep your hair current...

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Change of season brings change to your style. Gone are the days where white pants are outlawed after Labor day. Well, same goes with going darker in the winter with your hair color.

The days get shorter and then you decide to make your hair darker. Not always the case.

In the summer should be the time you add some depth because when you go much darker in the winter this is not always great for the skin color. Lacking in that little glow from the sun and then taking that blonde hair dark....Nope!!!! We can just book another appointment to make you light again.

Design with Ease

Going in to fall with little depth and hydrated shine to the lightened hair can bring you in to a nice transition.

The ALREADY dark haired individuals out there... Get a different tone (i.e. gold, copper, blue, or red) laid over your dark hair. Ask for a GLOSS/SHINE treatment. #avedashinetreatment


Soooooon if you have dark winter months, lets think about a few things.

Good Skin.. Good Eyebrows and Lashes and lastly, BOTOX....."yes" I said it.

Once the hair has been taken care of and you still look at your self like UGHHH well now its time to take care of those wrinkles on your forehead. Quick fix and and makes your face look

AMAZING!!!!! #UrbanYou in Grand rapids, Michigan. Terry Selgo should be your JAM!!!!!

Give it a pun intended.

Be real , its turning back the clock with out permanently doing anything. Just like hair color.

Questions???..... So many thoughts??? Well let the role. Start a convo on the forum about what you are dying to ask.

Remember... Be original and take care of yourself!!!

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