• Jennifer Chojnowski

Getting the perfect loose waves

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Create a fabulous curl! Oh yeah and live with that curl for a couple days. There is no need to shampoo and redo that look every day if you put in the effort in the beginning. Yes, that means extra time.... but this will save you time later.

The most important part of your wave creation would be your tools. I am not just talking about the blow dryer and curling rod or curling iron. This would be prep product and shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo & conditioner will support your style!!! Aveda.com can guide you to selecting the correct product and Davines.com as well.

Design with Ease

Styling product would be step 2. A thermal heat protection and some form of gel or styling foam will create support as you build that curl structure. Ok, now that we covered that let’s begin.

Lets get that hair dry with your fingers.... 100% dry. Lift your hair as you go if root volume is a goal.

Curl time: what tool to use

curling rod - If The hair is long and want a soft wave.

*technique- work from the bottom, take 1-2” sections, hold rod vertical with handle at the top. Wrap hair around rod and then pull of rod once warm.

P.S. The skinny hairs should have the rod with a lower heat setting and courser hair should have higher heat setting.

Once you work to the top. Brush through the hair and apply a finishing hairspray or light oil. If your ends look unfinished you may lightly Flat iron those ends.

Curling Iron: use same technique with this tool if hair is shorter then your shoulders.