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Hair Product and how to pick one!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Do you ever stare a a shelf of product like this and think " Hmmm I really need something for this hair and then have no idea which one to choose." you are not alone." Choosing the correct product can be simplified. How to guide: KEEP READING


THE GUIDE: Always have a heat protect product

( this always goes in wet hair if you use heat)

Straight Hair: All Products need to be blown-dry. Technique matters( different blog post)

Fine:(skinny hair)strand:Strong mousse and volumizing spray

Medium strand: strong mousse or medium hold gel. For extra root boost add volumizing spray

Course strand: Light smoothing creme and a gel for control


* Please be sure you use the correct shampoo and conditioner... this can support the styling product


Wavy Hair : Wavy hair can vary because of the strand....sometimes a twisting method can help if you are wanting a tighter or more consistent curl.

Fine:(skinny hair)strand: styling mousse, light gel, or beach spray

Medium strand: styling creme or styling mousse, light gel or beach spray

Course strand:styling creme, medium hold mousse.

Curly to a Coil: This texture typically seems dry, but this is the curl pattern. Plant derived oil can always help with wonderful shine and beautiful finish. Keeping conditioner in your hair is NOT necessary.

Fine:(skinny hair)strand: light cream and/or medium hold gel

Medium strand: medium to strong hold gel Course strand: heavy creme and firm hold gel

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