• Jennifer Chojnowski

Hair Product and how to pick one!

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Do you ever stare a a shelf of product like this and think " Hmmm I really need something for this hair and then have no idea which one to choose." you are not alone." Choosing the correct product can be simplified. How to guide: KEEP READING


THE GUIDE: Always have a heat protect product

( this always goes in wet hair if you use heat)

Straight Hair: All Products need to be blown-dry. Technique matters( different blog post)

Fine:(skinny hair)strand:Strong mousse and volumizing spray

Medium strand: strong mousse or medium hold gel. For extra root boost add volumizing spray

Course strand: Light smoothing creme and a gel for control


* Please be sure you use the correct shampoo and conditioner... this can support the styling product


Wavy Hair : Wavy hair can vary because of the strand....sometimes a twisting method can help if you are wanting a tighter or more consistent curl.

Fine:(skinny hair)strand: styling mousse, light gel, or beach spray

Medium strand: styling creme or styling mousse, light gel or beach spray