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Lip love!

Lips can get scrappy and yes that means you will never have enough “chapstick”. When you start noticing your lips getting rough and peeling its time to take action.


When you are outside in the elements the wear and tear on your lips can get pretty bad. When you jump in the shower make a pit stop in the kitchen first. What needs to happen is you have to exfoliate your lips. If you do not have any form of body or facial scrub, mosy to you kitchen cabinet and get the granulated sugar down. You will be making a home remedy!!!

Homemade lip scrub:

1 pinch of sugar

1 drop of olive oil

1: place mixture in a spoon and mix it up.

2: use your finger and massage it into you lips.

3: once you have given your lips a good scrub rinse off and cleanse your face

4: use lip saver when you are finished to stay ahead of the elements!!!

Smooth, moisturized lips!!!

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