• Jennifer Chojnowski

Pull that hair UP!!!

What you need: Hair ties, Bobbi pins, hair spray

HOW TO: Step 1. Low ponytail.

(FAR LEFT PHOTO) leave 2" out around hairline (braid pony)

(MIDDLE PHOTO) Do not pull ponytail all the way through.

Only go half way. Pinch a tiny amount of hair and pull

a piece all the way through ponytail. Then wrap it

around ponytail holder to hide it and use a Bobbi pin

loose ends that wrapped around the ponytail holder.

(FAR RIGHT) Leave all the hair out in front of your ears.

Step 2. (FAR LEFT & FAR RIGHT PHOTO) Take one side of the hair left out

sweep it back and wrap around ponytail holder until

you only have about 2" and then pin them to hide


Step 3: (FAR LEFT & FAR RIGHT PHOTO) repeat step #2

Step 4: Pull little bit of hairs around hairline for softness if you would like.

Step 5: Spray with hairspray