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Pull that hair UP!!!

What you need: Hair ties, Bobbi pins, hair spray

HOW TO: Step 1. Low ponytail.

(FAR LEFT PHOTO) leave 2" out around hairline (braid pony)

(MIDDLE PHOTO) Do not pull ponytail all the way through.

Only go half way. Pinch a tiny amount of hair and pull

a piece all the way through ponytail. Then wrap it

around ponytail holder to hide it and use a Bobbi pin

loose ends that wrapped around the ponytail holder.

(FAR RIGHT) Leave all the hair out in front of your ears.

Step 2. (FAR LEFT & FAR RIGHT PHOTO) Take one side of the hair left out

sweep it back and wrap around ponytail holder until

you only have about 2" and then pin them to hide


Step 3: (FAR LEFT & FAR RIGHT PHOTO) repeat step #2

Step 4: Pull little bit of hairs around hairline for softness if you would like.

Step 5: Spray with hairspray


What you need: Optional pretty headband or hair clip. Must have hair tie and couple

Bobbi pins.

Step 1: (ALL LOOKS) Brush hair and part hair where you would like it to be


Step 2: ( ALL LOOKS) Pull hair back to center back of head to secure with hair

tie. using a hair tie that is clear can make this look much better.

Please do not use a thick hair tie.

Step 3: (Left photo) Place headband and poof your pony with hairspray.

( Middle photo) Twist pony until you can't and then twist it around the

base of the pony tail. Secure with bobbi pins taking a

piece of the outside of the bun and pushing it parallel to

the scalp. Do this around the bun. 5 bobbi pins should be


(Right Photo): Place pretty clip.

Step 4: Hair Spray and GO!!!

ALL UP!!!!

Ok so we need to use our pinning and pony skills for these.

What you need: Black hair ties and bobbi pins.

LOOK 1: (Far Left Photo) With your hands, twist pony and fold it in leaving the ends out. Secure with Bobbi pins by taking a pin starting at the bottom. Pin all the way up where the seam of the twist is. You are making a French twist but messy. If you are hair challenged maybe stick with the other looks.

LOOK 2: (Middle Photo) Make a nice smooth pony tail. Then continue to place mini

Black elastic rubber bands on pony tail and move down the pony tail. Next pull lightly on the hair in between rubber bands to make it much more exaggerated. When pulling on the sections between the rubber bands pull on each side at the same time.

LOOK 3: (Far Right Photo) Ok you don't have to have the twist portion for the buns but it does look cool. How you create the twist is to twist in as you add hair. Roll back is key. Do this on each side and make each one into a pony tail at the base of the neck. Then twist the ponytail until it cant anymore.

****TIP: Once you create the first two ponytails , putting a clear ponytail on the ends of those ponytails helps when creating the bun.*********

Now twist the twisted ponytail around the base of the first set of ponytails. pin them secure like above. Feel free to make them messy by pulling on the twisted bun portion. Pull even amount of each side of bun at the same time so it will not become distorted.

If you struggle with this or would like to book an appointment to learn them please reach out!!!



616 821-9495

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