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Travel Trio

What to pack when you travel so you have it all with your beauty, without packing the kitchen sink!


When I go I vacations regardless of where I go there are few things that will always be true...

- Water is different

- The air in the hotel is weird

- Healthy habits that help support your beauty are dismal. Aka more wine, less sleep.

Going on a trip regardless of pleasure or business these three things will keep you from looking “jet legged”


# 1 Hydration: no I am not talking about water I am talking about naturally derived oil (Jojoba oil, coconut oil you get the picture) you can use this all over you body including your face. This will act as a nice refresh after a shower and support your make-up and any elements you ran into that day or night. These oils can be utilized as lip replenishment and hair conditioner too. If you have fine hair maybe skip using it in your hair.

# 2 Head to toe cleanser: One head to toe cleanser get rid of the water difference and you will use this for your hair and face as cleanser. Ocean water or city pollution can be a drag.

# 3 Hair gel or mousse: There are many climate changes from trip to trip.. Dry/Arid weather all the way to humidity galore. These options will satisfy your texture and the climate. You can put gel or mousse in wet hair and typically dry hair even though packaging doesn’t tell you that. Medium to course hair with the varying textures from straight to curly coil hair.... choose a gel. Fine to medium strands of hair that has a straight to wavy hair texture will choose a mousse.

Here are a few websites to connect you to these products. (beautifying oil, men's firm hold gel, and or phomollient foam mousse) (authentic nourishing oil, authentic cleansing nectar, this is volumizing mousse, and this is medium hold modeling gel)

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